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          Yiwu lian-yun Liminted is something of packaging manufacture,sale,gift packaging various color kits,shirts excipients-based enterprises,Company is located in the country’s largest city of Yiwu small commodities market prospecting industrial parks,covers 20,000 square meters.
      The production piant is not 10,000 square meters,more than 200 workers,professional and technical personnel of 80 people,The company is the first in China Commodity City shirt production excipients manufacturers one of the best-selling products all major markets throughout the country and overseas,At the same industry,which enjoys great popularity,shirts category whose annual
production of 50 million sets, gifts handbag 18 million,shirt pocket 80 million,Chalu film more than 100 million tablets,in the variety and quantity of the nation shirts Adjunct industries.
      In addition,the company has an annual production of 2,000 tons of pp sheet,1,000 tons of high-low
      voltage Blown Film,also developed many new products such as  gift bags,Candian,mold-notebook,
packaging,the book hides,German companies have Roland four-color offset press,08;six color,four-color gravure printing machine,monochrome concave, photocopiers,polishing machine,fibuligera machine,bagging machines and blown film and sheet production line,Advanced facilities,and sophisticated technology and prowess,GSK gifts handbags Japan,South Korea,Hong Kong,China and Southeast Asian countries,Companies under the leadership of the Board of Trustees of the general manager responsibility system,the establishment of the executive branch,Zhijianbu,the Ministry of production, the Ministry of operating agencies,Companies since its inception.
      Use and application of advanced technoiogy,equipment and scientific management methods to raise the overall quality to improve the quality of products and services,quality prices in the international market competition,the highly acclaimed foreign,Company employees comply with the“quality first,the customer comes first,Seiko fine system Continuous Improvement”quality policy to raise the quality of management effectiveness and efficiency,to continuously meet the customer’s needs and expectations.


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